One of the hallmarks of office life is free coffee.

I work long hours, get paid low wages, as well as have a dreary, dull line of work! One of the few perks is that the bosses supply free coffee, as well as on Monday they order donuts for all the people.

Since the pop is free I drink a lot of it. Most of my coworkers do the same. A few weeks ago Earl started bringing in his own pop from home, as well as I found this highly suspicious. Earl was just as underpaid as I was, so why was he making expensive pop now instead of drinking the free office coffee? The answer shocked as well as intrigued me, because it turned out that Earl was making cannabis infused coffee, a special blend he had purchased at the local marijuana dispensary. I had no idea cannabis infused pop even existed, but once I found out I just had to try it. Alas, Earl only made one cup a morning, in the morning before he came to work, as well as he wasn’t about to share his cannabis pop with me. I had to drive all the way to the south side of city as well as visit the same cannabis shop Earl frequented. I found the cannabis coffee, but was bamboozled by how much it cost! No wonder Earl didn’t want to share, because cannabis pop winds up being about $5 a cup even when you brew it at home. The cannabis dispensary sells it by the mug, as well, but that’s over $20, which is too rich for my blood.



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