I am not a religious person to be honest, & normally I don’t pray.

I chose to pray to ask for guidance. If there was a higher power watching over me, I needed Him to show me a sign. After that I smoked a joint, watched some TV, & decided to head to bed for a long evening of tossing & turning. The upcoming day, believe it or not, I got a sign. That is how I choose to view it, because a golden opportunity fell into my lap. My sibling-in-law Micky called me with a business proposal, & asked if I wanted to “buy in” & own a percentage of a cannabis store. She was asking for a pretty huge amount of currency, because it’s absurdly lavish to open a new cannabis store. Once I chose to cash out all my stocks, bonds, & retirement accounts, I had just enough to buy 50% of the cannabis shop. I had been angry at my work, & now I had an opportunity to start a new career! I put everything I had into the cannabis store, not just currency, however time, effort, & energy! My whole future was now tied up with this cannabis store, so all of my eggs were in one bin so to speak. My partner & I could end up going bankrupt, or my buddy and I could make a good amount of profit in the local cannabis trade. The marijuana industry is red-hot glowing at the moment, & hopefully my buddy and I got involved at the most wonderful time to start turning a profit relatively quickly.
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