In our area it is still illegal to give cannabis; The dispensaries are legal, but the state government still doesn’t allow for house delivery.

Ed told me that the guy on the phone was a rich dude visiting from out of town. The guy was hosting a giant gathering as well as he needed about three thousand dollars worth of cannabis products. The catch was that he would only pay for cannabis if it would be delivered to his home outside of town, my boss agreed, as well as took payment for the cannabis over the phone. Ed asked me to make the cannabis delivery, even though it was illegal! He gave me a nice juicy currency bonus for making the cannabis delivery, so I had to accept. Ed gave me a hundred bucks, as well as when I made the cannabis delivery the customer also tipped me a hundred bucks. I know that technically I broke the law, but it’s just cannabis not anything dangerous, plus I made $200 in one hour!


Marijuana delivery service