During the summer, there is lots of natural sunlight and rain to help all of our marijuana crops grow healthy and strong, but unluckily for us, the winter season does not bring natural sunlight and sizzling air.

The winter season around here is usually foggy and there are few showers.

We have outdoor props that fill our farmland during the summer, but during the winter season we tried to concentrate on indoor crops, last winter we had more than 20 different indoor plants. We had five Indica strains, five sativa strains, and 10 hybrids. Several of the strains were the same, but we had at least seven different items when we took everything to the processing area. After we harvest all of the marijuana plants, we take them directly to the processing facility. The marijuana plants get broken down, trimmed, and dried and then all of the multiple parts are used to make products that are shipped to retailers all over the state. Our indoor crops do the best, but it costs a lot more money to grow indoor marijuana. All of the rapidly changing temperatures and indoor humidity levels have to be controlled manually. It takes a lot of time and money to make sure that everything is perfect. That’s one of the greatest reasons why indoor grown marijuana is usually twice as much money as most sunlight grown crops. People often complain about the price of indoor grown sativa strains like Blue Dream. When you have to use the legitimately best ingredients to grow your bud, you have to charge a little bit more money for the marijuana strain.



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