In high school Max and I were very close friends, but then we went our separate ways.

I started taking college classes, and Max started dealing weed out of his van.

Over the years both of us became very successful in our own fields. I got a degree and started a lucrative career, and Max got out of that van and started selling cannabis from a nice house. When I moved back to town I started using Max as my regular weed dealer. Around here the only legal cannabis requires a doctor’s note and a permit from the state government, which means I still have to buy it illegally. It was nice seeing Max again, and he really did have the best locally grown cannabis. One night a few weeks ago Max shows up at my house, just before midnight, and he is in a panic. He explains that one of his cannabis customers got busted, and he was afraid the guy was going to rat him out. He asked if he could stash some of his cannabis inventory on my property, in case the cops searched his house. I said he could use the work shed in the backyard, then I helped him unload the cannabis from the van. Although Max said “some” of the cannabis, he meant eight pounds worth of it. This was a felony amount of cannabis, which meant this was a pretty big risk on my part. Out of friendship, and because he bribed me with a quarter-pound of free marijuana, I agreed to hide the weed for him.


Hiding some cannabis for an old friend