The weather can be particularly rainy and cloudy during the spring months.

The smallest amount of rain causes flooding. It floods from my house all the way to work. I work for a marijuana dispensary in the city. The marijuana dispensary is 20 miles away from my house and most of the areas are flooded on a day when it is raining. The marijuana dispensary is in a part of the city that doesn’t flood. At least I can spend the time delivering without having to worry about flooded streets. It’s still difficult to drive in the rain with lots of fog. A couple of weeks ago I hit a mailbox because it was difficult to see. There was an order from the marijuana dispensary that needed to be delivered to one of the addresses near the top of the hill. I parked my car in the driveway and when I was reversing, I hit the mailbox at the end of the street. I swear that the mailbox jumped out of nowhere. I was looking for things in the rear view mirror and suddenly the mailbox was there. The tires on my car were sliding because of all the rain and when I slammed on the brakes I skated to the end of the street. I drove back to the house and explained to the owner of the property that I hit the mailbox. I offered to go back the next day to replace the pole.