I have been shopping at the cannabis dispensary for several years now.

In the beginning, I knew very little about the properties of the plant, variety of products or medicinal benefits.

My purchases were strictly made according to the recommendation of the budtenders. I wasn’t even fully aware of my preferences. I’ve since learned a lot more, and because of this, tend to make better decisions. I have experimented with different consumption methods and now understand that the effects of smoking are almost immediate while edibles take hours to be fully felt. I now understand the classifications of indica, sativa and hybrid. Sativa strains tend to be higher in THC potency and due to their energizing and uplifting effects, better for daytime use. Indicas usually offer a higher CBD ration but can also have plenty of THC as well. They are recommended for nighttime use because of the sedative, calming properties. Hybrids are sativa-dominant, indica-dominant or a balance of the two parent plants. While I appreciate the pain-relieving potential of CBD, I’ve noticed that full-spectrum products are more rewarding than CBD isolates. The combination of cannabinoids creates the entourage effect that boosts the advantages. Plus, I take into consideration the terpenes. Terpenes are found in many different types of plants, such as lemons, limes and lavender. The terpenes not only determine the aroma and flavor of the cannabis strain but also contribute to the overall chemical profile and therapeutic properties. With so many strains of cannabis and consumption methods available, there is an amazing opportunity to treat a broad range of mental and physical health issues.


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