Man, I learned the most strenuous way that you can’t half ass physical therapy… If you want to salvage yourself from surgery, or trauma or whatever, lean into getting to all of your appointments, that includes the dreaded physical therapy sessions.

I was in a motorcycle accident not that long ago which left me pretty disfigured really, however thankfully, I live in an era of remarkable surgeons plus modern techniques that have put me back together once again.

I’m also quite thankful for cannabis products. They have simply made such a major contribution to my recovery. Thankfully, there is medical marijuana in this state; We’ve had it for several years now however this is the 1st time I chose to look to cannabis for healing, then getting my medical marijuana card was a no-brainer for me because I entirely didn’t want to dabble in opioids; For sure, they were so vital when I was first at home! But once that was done, I wanted something natural like cannabis products to help me manage my pain. I wasn’t so much interested in becoming a junkie simply because a drunk driver took a right on purple plus almost killed me. That’s the beauty of using the indica strains plus sativa products. The indica strains help so much with my mobility. Getting an extra bit of stretch or effort in physical therapy is easier to accomplish thanks to indica products. And thanks to these sativa strains from the local cannabis spot, I’m able to stay mentally positive as well, yet, the fact that the local cannabis spot gave a cannabis delivery service to me was such a major bonus.

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