I can remember when my mom found my stash of recreational marijuana when I was home for the summer from college.

It was between my junior and senior year.

I had taken an intern position at a firm in my home town as sort of a nod to my folks. This was more their decision than mine. But since they were paying for school, I was happy to get some experience in my field from a local company with connections to my folks. Wow, was she ever completely livid about the cannabis. And it was just the tiniest amount. Had she known the actual amount of marijuana I had been smoking in college, she’d have had a stroke. Still, this resulted in me getting hauled into therapy. My folks were certain that I was damaged or something and were hellbent on straightening me out. This is how I ended up putting down the OG kush and picking up the anti-depressant meds. And I was on the merry go round for the better part of 20 years. Now that recreational marijuana is legal here, I’ve swapped the meds for the sativa, indica and hybrid strains for sale at the local cannabis spot. And I couldn’t be more pleased with that swap. For the longest time, the meds just weren’t helping. And now, I’m happier, more productive and more excited about what’s coming next than I’ve even been in my life. It’s such a relief to know that I was spot on about cannabis products all those years ago. My mom’s still alive and while she would still have flip her lid over my shopping for marijuana for sale, I just don’t care.



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