My mom judges me for selling cannabis, so it is an ongoing issue between us.

I love my mother dearly, and I know she has sacrificed her whole life to take care of me. Dad left when I was still in diapers, and she was supported and cared for me solo ever since. Mom is super religious and goes to church every Sunday, something I don’t do personally. As much as I respect my mom and her beliefs, I simply don’t share them. After college I got a job, like normal people do, which I lost within weeks due to the COVID shutdown. While in quarantine I started growing cannabis plants in my attic, and it turns out I’m pretty good with horticulture! I transitioned into becoming a full-time cannabis dealer, and found that it paid a lot better than my last job. Since I never lie to my mother, I came clean to her about selling cannabis. She begged me to stop, but how else could I make this much money and still get stoned every day? Then she went to her preacher at church and asked him to talk to me about the evils of cannabis. What Mom didn’t know was that the preacher was already one of my biggest cannabis customers. The preacher and his wife smoked almost an ounce of cannabis every week! Out of respect, I went in for a meeting with the preacher, and during our discussion about the evils of cannabis we smoked a joint, and then I sold him his weekly ounce.



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