PTSD is a bad mental health condition that can be caused by some very hard and traumatic things that have happened to a person.

It can happen after violent attacks, health problems, extreme situations, or even car accidents.

The symptoms can show up right away or months or even a year later. Do you think it’s possible that 1 in 3 people will have PTSD after something very stressful happens to them? It can be very hard on the person who has it and on the people who love them. If you have PTSD, you will actually remember the traumatic event over and over again through flashbacks and dreams. This can make you feel guilty, alone, and always on edge. Instead of more traditional treatments, people have been talking more and more about using medical cannabis to treat PTSD. It’s definitely on the list of things that make it okay to use medical cannabis. Of course, if you want to use it legally, you’ll need a medical cannabis card. Medical cannabis has been shown to help people replace bad memories with good ones through a process called “extinction learning.” This can help them move on from the event and stop being so scared of it. When someone has PTSD, it can be hard to sleep. Traumatic memories and flashbacks can make it hard to fall asleep, but medical marijuana can help fight night terrors, anxiety, and constant flashbacks that make it hard to sleep. Also, it can help with PTSD symptoms like anxiety, depression, and other related problems. Overall, it’s a fun and effective way to treat this condition that makes you feel bad.

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