When I am in a room with a lot of people, sometimes I feel nervous and anxious.

It never feels very good to have a panic attack. My heart starts to be fast and my hands get sweaty. I have a hard time forming complete sentences and I often look like a buffoon. There are lots of times when I have to speak in front of a group of people at work and present ideas. It’s times like these when I smoke a little bit of marijuana to make me feel more calm. I used to take a 10 mg edible every single morning, but edibles don’t seem to help as much as smoking marijuana. When I have to present a project to the team at the office, I go to my car and smoke a little bit of marijuana. I also have a vape pen if I am trying to be discreet. I don’t smoke sativa strains, because I already have a lot of energy and anxiety. Sativa strains make me feel more on edge. Indica strains like Grand Daddy Purp and OG Kush work a lot better for me. I get all of my products from a dispensary near me. The place offers convenient and easy ordering online as well as pick up. I can order online and then go right to the store and grab my order and it literally takes less than 10 minutes. It could not be easier to order marijuana online.

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