It was bound to happen sooner or later.

I knew that I would eventually just have to stop.

I tend to work a lot of hours. And when I say a lot of hours, I mean in a way that’s just so not healthy. But what I do for a career is such a passion that it has been the sole focus of my life. Thanks to cannabis products, I’m now starting to find some semblance of balance. However, I’m sort of doing it from the smoking crater that was once my life. I wish I could have gotten a bit more wise to the balance of life before my career nearly ruined my health. I’m not married so it’s not like I have someone residing with me who could see that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I ended up in the hospital with fatigue, dehydration plus malnourishment. It was a sizable wake up call… Once I was released, I started seeing a holistic adviser who has greatly helped me to change my life. Joan was the one who proposed that I visit a cannabis dispensary. Alcohol plus garbage food was out. OG Kush plus yoga were in. That’s sort of it in a nutshell. Of course, there are so many other moving parts to changing one’s life. But I am now seeing that breathing plus being present for things other than my passion is so beneficial. Well, it’s not just beneficial as it’s simply essential. This life offers us all just so much that it’s incredibly vital for all of us to pay attention plus be grateful. Sativa plus indica strains have both helped me slow down plus be part of this life. And that has also resulted in a better lifestyle plus far better health.
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