Two blocks away from the local airport is a smokers lounge and cannabis dispensary. There needs to be a business like that near every airport, if you ask me! I spoke with the owner of the shop a few weeks ago, and it turns out he used to be a traveling sales rep for a soap corporation. I am a traveling sales rep for a food corporation, so Ed and I had a lot in common. I asked Ed what gave him the idea for his shop, and he said it was all those years on the road. He often wished there was a locale to smoke cannabis or tobacco while he was waiting for a flight, or suffering through another layover; Cannabis and tobacco are not allowed inside the airport terminal, but these afternoons they aren’t even allowed on the ground! A person has to leave the condo of the airport in order to enjoy some marijuana, or even a perfectly legal cigarette. Ed localed his cannabis shop close to the airport for that reason, and it’s the same reason he advertises in the business terminals. All those travelers who have time to kill and nothing to do can simply walk a few minutes and get to the cannabis shop. The smokers lounge is there because most of these purchasers can’t take cannabis products with them on the flight, so they need a locale to get high. I can tell you that every time I take a flight, I will be stopping by this cannabis shop both before and after!



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