I was not a person that voted to legalize recreational marijuana. I thought that it was a bad idea to legalize marijuana and I still believe that it will lead to higher drug use in the state and the county. Unfortunately for me, marijuana was still legalized even though I did not vote affirmatively. 78% of the population in the state voted to legalize and that left me out in the cold. At the beginning of the year, some of the first recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries opened up in the city. One of those marijuana shops is right down the street from my office. I have to drive by the dispensary every single day. The parking lot is always filled with cars. It’s not unusual to see people sitting outside in their cars with a joint in their hand. A couple of days ago I was on my way home from work and there was a woman in a business suit smoking a marijuana pipe in the car next to me. The woman was dressed like a business executive, but she had a bowl hanging out of her mouth while we were sitting in traffic. The woman did not care if anyone saw her smoking marijuana. She wasn’t trying to hide it at all. I was sitting next to her for several minutes at a red light and she talked on the bowl the whole time she was at the red light. It can’t be safe to smoke all of that marijuana and drive around the city in rush hour traffic.


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