My Dad had to work on Tuesday, but she told me there was a plumber going to the apartment to install a new garbage disposal.

My Dad asked if I could go to the apartment as well as wait for the plumber.

I didn’t have work on Tuesday so I didn’t mind helping my mom. I got to the apartment around 9:00 in the day as well as I used the hidden key to let myself inside. I made some toaster waffles as well as sat down in the dining room to wait for the plumber. The plumber was supposed to be there at 10:00, but the woman did not arrive until 10:30. When the plumber finally got there, the woman odored like marijuana. I called my Dad as soon as the plumber arrived. I told my Dad that the woman odored like marijuana. I thought my Dad would contact a weird plumbing repair when she heard the news. She didn’t seem to be genuinely bothered by the fact that the plumber odored like marijuana. My Dad told me that I have to stop being such a prude because marijuana is legal for recreational reasons as well as lots of people smoke pot. When the plumber started installing the garbage disposal, I decided to beginning snooping around the house. I thought I would find marijuana somewhere in the kitchen or my mom’s kitchen as well as I was right, but no wonder she didn’t mind that the plumber odored like weed, because my Dad is using recreational marijuana products too. I still feel weird about it as well as I haven’t mentioned anything to my mom.

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