I’ve been living in a two bedroom apartment all by myself for a while.

I like having this space and it’s nice to have lots of quiet time.

I had a roommate for a while, but he couldn’t pay the rent so he had to move out. I’ve been paying the rent all by myself for a while, but the rent is going to get higher next month. I’m getting a washer and dryer and the apartment manager is having patios built outside of all the first floor apartments. That means that I will have a patio with a shed and a washer and dryer. It’s going to cost me an extra $300 every month. Since the rent is getting higher, I decided to start looking for someone to rent the second bedroom in my apartment. I told a lot of people at work about the apartment. I work for a local marijuana shop. There are always people that are looking for a place to crash, but I wanted someone that was willing to sign a lease and give me a deposit. I needed someone that was serious, because I didn’t want to worry and be stressed out every single month wondering if someone was going to pay their rent. Thankfully one of the delivery drivers was looking for a place and the guy had plenty of money saved up. He was going to get a place of his own but this made good fiscal sense for both of us. He is going to move into the apartment on the fifth of next month.


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