One of the most painful injuries I’ve ever suffered was a torn trapezius muscle.

I attempted to install drywall on the ceiling without any assistance.

Although I cut the eight-foot sheets in half, it was still a struggle to carry the drywall up the ladder. I then needed to fit it into place, press it tight against the ceiling and install the screws. I used the top of my head and left hand to secure the drywall while operating the cordless drill with my right hand. I realized that I was straining my muscles. I had no idea that I was causing my body such excessive damage. Within an hour after stepping off the ladder, the upper left side of my back began to hurt quite badly. It didn’t take long before I could no longer manage to stand or even sit. I was forced flat on my back on the couch. My back swelled and turned purple. I couldn’t make it up the stairs, take a shower or even comb my hair. Getting to the bathroom was an excruciating process. Sleeping was nearly impossible. I laid on the couch on ice packs for three weeks. I am very thankful that the local cannabis dispensary provides delivery. I was able to shop medicinal cannabis products for pain relief online. I chose a combination of ointments, edibles and vapes. I looked for indica strains that feature high THC and high CBD content. The cannabis helped to lessen the pain, treat the inflammation and relax me. I am not much more careful about pushing my muscles too far.


Torn trapezius muscle and requiring pain relief