Cannabis, like any other product, has an expiration date, but using it while it’s still fresh will yield the greatest therapeutic benefits.

Consistent storage preserves the potency of the majority of cannabis strains for a minimum of one year. Proper storage requires keeping it in an airtight container or bag in a cool, dark, and dry area. However, cannabis’s shelf life depends on the type of product and its constituents. For example, the shelf life of foods depends on the perishable ingredients they contain. Edibles containing milk and eggs, such as cookies and brownies, only last two to three days, whereas cannabis-infused candies with fewer perishable ingredients can last six to nine months. The shelf life of cannabis flower is dependent upon how well it is cured and stored. Cannabis that has been properly dried, cured, and stored can last up to 18 months, but it is recommended to consume it within six months due to the difficulty of maintaining optimal storage conditions. The shelf life of wax and hashish depends on the amount of flower they contain. Wax containing less flower can last up to two years, whereas hashish containing the most flower can last up to eighteen months. Vape pens are designed to last approximately two to three years. Various cannabis topical formulations have varying expiration dates. When stored consistently, oils, creams, and gels can last up to two years. Cosmetics containing cannabis may last up to two years, and soaps may last even longer. Ten years is the longest shelf life for CBD tinctures. Most are infused with high-proof alcohol, allowing them to remain fresh for so long. Expired cannabis products can be identified by their odor, texture, and mold growth. Mold growth, an unusual odor, and crumbling or fragile texture are all indications that your cannabis product has passed its expiration date.

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