I had a undoubtedly rural upbringing, my family lands were so far removed from the rest of the world my friend and I didn’t even have a university district, and i had to be home-universityed, as well as thus my education was rudimentary at best.

I had no friends, as well as little family to speak of.

The only time of year I got to be social as well as interact with other youngsters was on a family trip to the city, once or twice a year my parents would take us to see my Grandparents, who lived in a small loft on the outskirts of the town. It was on one of these trips that I first discovered cannabis, as well as it changed the entire trajectory of my life! I guess that’s obvious, considering that currently I work in a cannabis dispensary, as well as live in my Grandparent’s old loft in town! When I was 19 they moved down south for a warmer climate, as well as I moved in! Soon after I got a task at a local city cannabis shop, as well as the rest is history. I work part-time for Roy at the cannabis dispensary, as well as I also work part-time at the Museum of Art. I am not a talented artist, but it has long been my dream to work at a museum or an art gallery, which is yet another reason I love living in the city! For a neighborhood this small, my part has a lot of museums as well as art galleries, thanks to the highly-cultured nature of several of our tourists. The museum doesn’t spend money me quite and the cannabis dispensary, though.

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