I can confirm that it was the greatest trip ever.

In fact I feel as though it was too short – only 5 days when I wish it could have been a month long.

Like with all the best trips of my life, it was a beach trip. When I get the rare opportunity to escape my daily life I always head out to the ocean for some relaxation. There is something about the sound of the waves hitting against the shore that soothes my soul, and also helps me eliminate all the accumulated stress & tension from my body. My first time was even better than ever, because the AirBnB I rented was three blocks away from a legal cannabis dispensary & a liquor store. If it isn’t obvious already, listen to why I went all out. The goal was to get stoned on cannabis & get drunk on liquor for the entire trip. Fortunately, since these locations were within walking distance I could do just that. I didn’t have to drive to get food, booze, or cannabis, so it was easy to indulge to my heart’s content. The fact that the beach was not crowded was perfect because I could smoke cannabis in public and no one would be bothered. Watching the waves crash while smoking cannabis is not everyone’s idea of a perfect moment but it was mine since I didn’t have to worry about rudely exposing others to secondary smoking. I would not stay sober for days on end and before I came back home I stopped by the cannabis shop one last time to get some pre-rolls for the drive. This goes down as one of the greatest trips ever.