It seems like every store now has its own “membership rewards” program.

In general I don’t like these things, because I have to fill out a form, and then carry a card that they scan at checkout.

I don’t need another card to carry around! Last week I was at the pharmacy, and decided to buy some candy. I was charged a dollar more for the candy because I wasn’t a “rewards member.” However, there is one business where I was happy to join their membership program, even though it costs ten bucks a month. It is called the Platinum Club, and is offered by my local cannabis dispensary. Since I spend so much money on cannabis every month, it’s very much worth it to pay a few extra bucks to the shop. With the Platinum Club, I get 10% off all my cannabis purchases, and 20% off all extras like screens, rolling papers, or glassware. This saves me at least a hundred dollars a month easily, but that’s not even the best part of the cannabis Platinum Club. I get a weekly email update that describes all the newest strains, edibles, and products the cannabis store is receiving that week. I have the option to reserve these cannabis products ahead of time, giving the Club members first selection of all the newest and greatest cannabis strains. Finally, I get free home delivery for all my orders from the cannabis dispensary. Although the delivery service itself is free, I always make sure to tip my cannabis delivery driver a little cash.