I have to say that was the greatest vacation of my life.

When I get that rare opportunity to escape my day-to-day life I always head right for the beach. The sound of the waves against the shore always soothes my soul, and helps me eliminate all the accumulated stress and tension from my body. This time was better than ever, because the AirBnB I rented was three blocks away from a legal cannabis dispensary and a liquor store. If it isn’t obvious already, let me explain why I was so stoked about this. I wanted to get stoned on cannabis and drunk on liquor for the entire vacation, and because these places were within walking distance I could do just that. I would not have to drive to get food, booze, or cannabis, so I could indulge to my heart’s content. This was not a very crowded beach, which was perfect because I could smoke cannabis in public and not bother anyone. Watching the waves crash while smoking cannabis is my idea of a perfect moment, but I don’t like exposing other people to secondhand pot smoke, which is rude. I did not sober up for the entire four days I was there, and before I came back home I stopped by the cannabis shop one last time and got some pre-rolls for the drive. It was the greatest vacation ever.

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