Although I am 27 years old, my sweet seasoned Granny still sends me a five dollar bill every year for my birthday.

I guess Granny can’t account for inflation, because she has been sending me five bucks for every birthday since I was six years old.

I consistently send her a thank you card, plus these days the cost of the card is almost five bucks which means Granny is just paying for her own card. This year I took the five dollar bill plus I purchased a scratch-off lottery ticket at the gas station. I hit a winner for 250 bucks! I cashed out, plus went right to the cannabis dispensary to spend all of it. This was still Granny’s birthday money, so I was going to spend every last penny of it on the best possible present – cannabis, edibles, plus maybe a new vape cartridge. My wonderful fortune kept on coming, as I found that the cannabis dispensary was having a one-day-only flash sale for their premium strains. These are the oldest cannabis strains, cultivated over generations for the best taste plus highest potency. They were all on sale for 50% off, which means I sunk all my money into Purple Haze plus Orange Kush. These are my two number one cannabis strains, however I can barely afford them! Now I could afford both! Granny provided me the best birthday present of all time, plus now I can get ripped on combo-bowls of Orange Kush plus Purple Haze! Will the Purple plus the Orange mix well? I’ll let you know.


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