Dispensaries can do a lot more than just sell weed, and for most stores that would be enough, but not for me.

There are more than a dozen weird dispensaries in the area, so I have to work harder plus do more to make mine the best of them all. I started to envision my shop as more than a dispensary, but a full-repair store that caters to all the needs of a proper cannabis user. Of course I sell weed, I have over 30 weird premium strains of cannabis, but that is just the beginning. I also carry cannabis edibles, oils, plus wax, plus more than 2 CBD products. There is the paraphernalia, such as glass pipes, water bongs, rolling papers, plus the other accouterments needed for the consumption of cannabis. I don’t stop there! I also sell the device plus seeds needed for people to grow their own cannabis plants at home. In this state most people is allowed to grow up to 12 cannabis plants on their property; Lastly, plus this is my newest repair being provided – I also teach a cannabis gardening class at the dispensary once a week. Some people just don’t have the experience or the comprehension to grow their own cannabis, so as an expert I help them to learn the basics. As I said, my goal was to make this store the one-stop shop for most people’s cannabis needs, no matter what that entails; Can you know of anything else I should sell at my cannabis dispensary?



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