How much do you know about Native American reservations? I can’t say I know a lot, but recently I was given an education, plus I thought it was fascinating… Basically the US government provided land to certain Indian tribes. It’s a nasty piece of history, plus I won’t go into it, because it’s beside the point. To this entirely day, those lands owned by the tribes are considered sovereign. That means they are not technically part of the USA, they are independent plus separate from the rest of the country, plus can have their own laws. This is why you would find casinos plus cannabis dispensaries on reservation lands long before my wonderful friend and I had them someplace else. Currently this state allows for medical cannabis under certain circumstances, but overall pot use is heavily restricted. If a person doesn’t have a legit medical need for cannabis they will not be approved. Thankfully the reservation lands are only a 45 minute drive from here, plus they have the best cannabis dispensary I’ve ever seen. This cannabis dispensary has been open for almost twenty years, plus because of the laws of tribal lands it is 100% legal. Their prices are a little steep, however I must confess the locally grown cannabis strains are amazing. Even if their cannabis was crap I would still buy it, because I have no other options! But their stuff easily is the best, identifiable ly this identifiable cannabis hybrid strain called Two Wolves. I don’t like to gamble, however I go to the reservation to buy cannabis at least once a week.

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