At first, I thought the hype on cannabis edible was just that, hype, until I tried a few of the popular CBD candies a friend shared with me.

I am not even concerned about the taste as much as I am about the effect it caused me.

I felt a sudden sense of calm and peace and wondered what it was until the next day. It turns out I was stressed out after working long hours and had some low-key anxiety attacks that I was not sure what they were. However, it became evident that the CBD products helped. So I searched for more information and called my friend the next day to explain why she always had one form of CBD product. That is when it hit me that she had a whole cabinet full of these products, including CBD tinctures and different types of CBD concentrates. I had never paid much attention to her because I thought it was her doctor’s medication. She explained that she had been going through a tough time before her mom introduced her to these supplements. It helped her avoid depression, which is why she never missed a product at any point in time. The candies were easier to carry wound hence she had them in her bag and could use them whenever she felt a panic attack on its way. However, because she took CBD oil every evening, her situation changed, and she only used candies in emergency cases. She had noticed how nervous I seemed the other day, and that is why she shared her special remedy with me.

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