I have been suffering from anxiety for as long as I can remember.

I remember wanting to be perfect my entire life, and my perfection caused extreme anxiety.

I would cry if I was late to school, I would cry if I got a ninety eight instead of a one hundred on my tests. I experienced intrusive and racing thoughts constantly. I have tried many different remedies for anxiety and none of them seem to work long term. I have been going to cognitive behavioral therapy, which gives me strategies to calm my mind but they are only temporary. I tried anti anxiety medications but they come with unwanted side effects. I did some more research and as a last resort I decided to go to a cannabis store to see if they have any products that can help with my anxiety. Naturally, I was anxious walking into the cannabis store. The woman who worked there was very helpful. She suggested starting with some cbd products first to see if that helps, and then to move on to eating or vaping products from the weed store. I took her advice and I bought some cbd gummies, cbd lotion, and cbd oil. I took her advice and used one product from the cannabis store at a time when I was feeling anxious. The cbd products made me feel calm when my anxious thoughts were spiraling. I will definitely go back to the weed store to get more products. The cbd gummies are my favorite because they taste good and they help me feel calm.
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