Last summer, my family and I went out west, to visit.

I have not been able to forget about that place ever since my associate and I got back to where my associate and I live on the East Coast! When my associate and I first went out there, I wasn’t all that sure what to expect! However, once my associate and I arrived and my associate and I started to explore the city, my associate and I found out that west was just the kind of place that my associate and I like to visit.

I found a unbelievable city for people who love the outdoors the way that my associate and I do. It’s also full of museums and art galleries and budding new artists. This place was exactly the kind of place that I like to go to visit. I love the arts and my whole family appreciates the outdoors, so my associate and I really appreciated ourselves during our time that my associate and I were there. I keep thinking about it now that my associate and I are home, and I want to go back and visit again. I actually am thinking that maybe someday my associate and I might want to transfer there. I love the way that my associate and I could shop from the local artists and stroll through the museums at our leisure. I bought all kinds of stuff from the local artisans and my kids and my husband kayaked miles and miles of beautiful river. My pal and I really enjoyed the craft breweries that are all over the place and my associate and I even tried out one of the unbelievable legal recreational cannabis dispensaries there. I love the fact that there are so many unusual possibilities for fun and recreation, and everything is surrounded by a beautiful natural setting.


My state is unbelievable for those who love the outdoors and the arts