I bought a modern fishing pole this season plus I haven’t had several options to use it, then i was supposed to go away for a week with my friends, however I got sick plus I had to stay home.

I went camping for the weekend with the boys plus the fish were not biting.

I’ve been to the lake a couple of times after work… When my boss lets me leave the marijuana dispensary early, I go over to the lake for a couple of hours. It’s hard to find any other time to go fishing; That’s why I have only been a couple of times, and my buddies told me that they were going to go on a weekend fishing trip plus they were planning to rent a boat. I told the manager at the marijuana dispensary that I wanted to take Thursday off. I already had the weekend off however my friends were going to be leaving early on Thursday. There was no way I was missing the trip, even after my boss said she could not supply me the time. I want to work on Thursday afternoon plus right after dinner I came down with the worst stomach ache. I told my boss that I thought I was going to kill over, but she told me that I should go to the emergency room, however I told her that it was easily something that I ate. I left early from the marijuana dispensary plus went directly to the marina to meet the guys. The boss never suspected I was lying, because I am a relatively great employee plus I never miss work. I caught a bunch of green snapper plus a halibut during that weekend.



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