I can spot a fake ID from a mile away.

I was in the military for 6 years plus I worked as a military police officer.

I evaluated identification plus ID cards all afternoon long for my task. After I left the military, I spent two years working as a bouncer in a club. When I got head over the head with a beer bottle in the club, I decided it was time to switch tasks. The marijuana dispensary was hiring for a security guard. I applied plus received a cellphone call on the same exact afternoon. The owner of the marijuana dispensary was impressed with my resume, and she hired me during the interview process plus I started work a couple of days later. I entirely like the task at the dispensary. It’s relatively low key without much drama. Most of the time people are in plus out rather hastily. The marijuana shop has a strict policy that keeps the store from getting into trouble. All people have to be 18 years of age with a medical recommendation or 21 for recreational marijuana, and each lady entering the dispensary has to present an identification card that matches the face of the lady in the store. A young girl came into the dispensary last monthand I would not let her into the store. Her ID said that she was 23, however the picture did not look at all like the girl. It could have been a sibling or a cousin, however I was convinced that the identification card did not belong to the girl. I sent her away plus would not let her into the building.


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