Cannabis edibles are right for me

It took me a long time to find a medicine that is right for me, one that will help ease my pain. It took several doctors and different recommendations before I finally found the solution to my problems, and most likely it is not the kind of medicine you are thinking of. I use medical […]

I am a huge fan of putting CBD oil in my morning coffee

I don’t have to worry about stomach pain with my morning coffee now that I’ve been putting CBD oil in it. I started drinking coffee in the mornings when I was only 14 years old. By that point my parents had split up and I was living with my mom down south. Since she was […]

I met my husband at a cannabis protest

I met Eddy in college. I was studying there, trying to get my degree in building construction, and Eddy was just visiting campus. He was a protestor. He didn’t have a job, or go to school, he received money from a covert political group to travel around to college campuses and stage protests against various […]

The storm is bearing down on me

If you never hear from me again, assume it was the storm that got me! As I write this a hurricane is approaching the state. By this time tomorrow I could be in the belly of a hurricane, and be stuck without power and wifi. This kind of massive storm happens several times a year […]

A surprising discovery at sea

We moved the cannabis into the trunk of my car, and managed to get it back home Ed and I often take his boat out into the gulf for a few hours of fishing. We both had intense and demanding jobs, so on the odd occasions when we both have the same day off we […]

Cannabis makes me happy and relaxed

Depending on where you live in the state, you might be right in the path of the hurricane! The last hurricane was named Ian, and it hit this area about a month ago. I was blessed, because I barely saw any intense weather at all. It rained a lot, and was windy, but for the […]

Cannabis farmers can be terrifying

Every year thousands of people go missing in the forests of America never to be seen again. If this sounds like the premise for a horror movie, you’re right! It’s actually been the premise for a dozen different horror movies in the last few years. Also, it happens to be true. That many people vanish […]

A very long line at the cannabis dispensary

First thing this morning I went to the gas station. Because the storm is supposed to hit the area tomorrow, there was a huge line of cars waiting for gas. After that I went to the grocery store, where there was also a huge line! When a hurricane this ugly starts getting close, everyone runs […]

A cannabis horror story

The following story is 100% true and accurate, even though it may sound like a horror movie. The official report is on record with the local police department, but they have flat-out told me there is nothing they can do about it. The truth of the matter is stranger than fiction, and the fact I […]

Love and cannabis

If you are wondering why I would go through so much extra trouble for people I hardly know, then you must not be a cannabis user yourself Working at a cannabis dispensary gives me access to some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. I have worked here for three years, but now is […]